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Homepage of PA3EHI (JO22PG)

Last update: 13-11-2012

Homepage of PI4RCG (region 't Gooi, R15)

[Contest Location in Folschette, Luxemburg] Contest location in Luxemburg (JN29WT) of LX/PE1HUS during 8 years until 1994
Here we tried to collect points during European VHF/UHF-contests for PI4RCG

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The results of the Dutch VHF/UHF/SHF-contests:

Total Results 1996   Total Results 1997   Total Results 1998   Total Results 1999   Total Results 2000
Total Results 2001

March-Contest 2001   May-Contest 2001   July-Contest 2001   September-Contest 2001   October-Contest 2001

More info about contest-results, click here

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