Photos are taken in July 2004 in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz (Danzig-Langfuhr)
update 01-03-2008

Very interesting pictures and memories about Gdansk (Danzig) from the time before "WORLD WAR 2" you can find under the following address: 
These pages are in Polish and English. Take a look !!
Some more fotos from a visit in 2006 you can find in a session, when you
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 Mein Geburtshaus
(here I was born)

geboren (born) 02-1939 in

Königsthalerweg 24
 (Jana Sobieskiego 24)

Am Heitzkeberg

vom (view from)

(Jana Sobieskiego)

 (Jana Sobieskiego)

Richtung (view to)


(Jana Sobieskiego)

hinten (backside)

Königsthalerweg 20
(Jana Sobieskiego 20)

Ecke, Laden (corner, shop)

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