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Last Update: 6-03-2013

Funny films and fine trailers: Crazy Bird    Lion Reunion   Frozen Planet Trailer (BBC)

Chicago and Wisconsin (Door County) Trip [2002]-- click here
and here the
Chicago Trailer

Schiphol-Airport (Amsterdam): A380  Impression  Impression 1  Impression 2

Songs I like:
Paris s'éveille (Jacques Dutronc),  Youth of Today (Amy MacDonald),  Motherland (Natalie Merchant)

Unplugged Dutch Pop in Gelredome Arnhem: Nr. 1 ---- Nr. 2 ---- Nr. 3

Examples of dutch television:  NOS-Politiek (NL-TV)

There is an independent (not FOX NEWS infected) sound from inside the USA, which you can find here :
Democracy Now    Move On     The Nation  The New Yorker

Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!


CDU-Forum and FDP Forum

The forum above shall be closed end march 2012 by the CDU. I shall delete the critical link above, because it makes no sense to maintain it further.
This party doesn't like independent users with critical comments.

But for people who likes to remember, here the link to the mirror
- TINA -

Also this new FDP-forum

shows that the FDP don't like critical opinions, especially about the party

and her leaders

My name was censured there and only registered people can read there. Very liberal !!


 last update 26-02-2013



NAZI-Seiten anzeigen ! 

An educative link to
investigations and solutions in the piano world from H. Velo

Some pages about amateur radio from Wolf (PA3EHI)
Last update :

My bookmarks (please read carefully), not everyone understands the contents

Things about the world of amateur radio and
the VERON (Dutch amateur radio association) national VHF/UHF/SHF CONTEST with results

Click here to view the bookmarks


My new and now former tiger Balou
He died on 6-03-2013 nearby my PC
He was 14 years old and he lived 10 years in my home.

 Frits, my former cat, which reached the age of 18 years, can be watched in a video
click here

Gdansk (Danzig)

Here I was born. For more fotos click on foto
For a session of visitor-fotos
 click here

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